Specialist Wine Supplier

Trade Wine Solutions is a specialist wine supplier, we have locked in the on-going supply contracts with vineyards ensuring that we maintain consistent and regular supply. We do our own bottling and labelling which ensures control over our brands and our quality. We eliminate the distributor / middle man costs and have been operating this way for over 15 years. The success of our business comes down to the long-standing relationships and loyalty with our vineyards and winemakers in Australia and New Zealand.

Having control over our brands ensures that if a vineyard should not be able to supply juice that doesn’t meet our high standards we have the ability to tender the supply of bulk wine to other vineyards.

Our first pour wines are exclusive to venues and cannot be found in bottle shops. Therefore, your customers can’t price compare and don’t feel that they are being overcharged. To ensure this our prices are not listed, to protect our customers.

Our retail labels are not sold in the big supermarket chains and allow independent shops and bottle shops to maintain profit margins and not get screwed by price matching.

Increase your profit by paying less than you currently pay and watch as your volume of sales increase.  All this is possible due to the superior quality and price point you can offer to your clients with our first pour wine range.

Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

Catering & Function Venues

Hotels With Bottle Shops

Sporting Clubs & RSL’s

If you are a licensed venue or in the process of becoming one and would like to review our trade prices, please get in contact via email or call 03 9596 4878  to discuss your needs.