Wines for Hotels

We offer on premise and off premise Hotel Wine Melbourne to sell to your patrons and bottle customers, ensuring satisfaction to all.

The bottle shop products from Trade Wine Solutions are not found in major chains, such as Dan Murphy’s, and are only found in independent bottle shops and hotel bottle shops.

Our Margaret River off premise range which is labelled under ‘Shadow Cape’ retail products are averaging in excess of 40% profit margin when selling 2 for $18. This is closer to 55% when selling at full recommended retail price. We recommend that you maintain the sale price of 2 for $18, as this will ensure large volume sales rather than individual profit margins for low volume sales.

Moreover, our Bottle Shop (off premise) range is known as Shadow Cape and consists of, Shiraz, Cab Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay.

Our First Pour (on premise) options across Vic Country cannot be found online or in any bottle shops for sale, therefore your pricing is protected.This ensures protection of your selling rights and price labels, if a customer wants to purchase a bottle of wine which is exclusively available at your venue!

Hotels are often very predictable in their wine lists. They are generally offering Treasury or De Bortoli products. Being a reliable and leading On Premise Wine Wholesaler, we offer a point of difference that is unlike the mass market, only offering wines from the hero regions.

There are 3 tiers in our range encompassing various regional heroes.

  • 1sttier  – house / first pour Margaret River Range
  • 2ndtier – Victorian Champions Range (premium range)
  • 3rd is South Australian / Marlborough New Zealand (super premium)

The modern customer is educated and has a greater wine knowledge than ever before, that is why we over-deliver in both presentation, quality for the price. We ensure that the customers will appreciate and remain loyal. We understand that the wine must complement food and vice versa in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

With our services and quality of wines, we strongly believe and focus on the fact that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising in our industry.

For our on-premise portfolio please click here.